New Spaces in Park Point RTP

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October 6, 2023

Our company has officially moved into new spaces within the Park Point RTP community. This move not only marks an expansion for restor3d but also solidifies our commitment to innovation, collaboration and growth. 

restor3d secured 50,225 square feet of office space in the heart of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) region. The 50,225 square feet of space that was acquired is divided into 22,716 square feet of office and collaboration spaces and 27,509 square feet for our manufacturing site. 

“We are thrilled to have completed our recent move to Research Triangle Park. The new facility will allow us to expand production capacity in order to keep up with the rapid growth in demand we are seeing,” Andrew Miller, COO said.

Our new office space in Edge West provides us several benefiting factors including collaborative work spaces. Employees are able to book rooms for meetings and join forces for collaboration. With these capabilities, employees of restor3d are able to continue their research and development, continuously coming up with ideas to enhance the future of orthopaedics in every department.

Another space within Edge West is our new cadaver lab. This space gives restor3d the opportunity to test our implants in the most realistic setting before surgery. We now have the ability to invite surgeons into our office to see our products first-hand, take x-rays during procedures and allow surgeons to understand our guides from start to finish before bringing patients into the operating room.

Miller believes that the new facilities within Park Point will ultimately help support our growth. “We are able to bring in new capabilities such as heat treatment, sterilization, and advanced machining, which will enable us to continue to refine product quality and lead times and support our growth into other market segments.”

Product development being available in-house helps set us apart. With the added room for a furnace, quad laser 3d printers and in-house sterilization, restor3d products will be created with even more efficiency and meticulosity than before. These machines allow restor3d to keep up with the demand for 3D printed implants, with the mindset that every patient deserves personalized care at the forefront of our work.

When restor3d was founded in 2017, there were only a few employees. Six years later, we have grown to over 150 employees and more capabilities than ever. The move to Park Point RTP marks a milestone in restor3d’s journey, and our dedicated employees are behind it all. They have continuously provided new and innovative ideas to restor3d over the years, helping the company to grow into what it is today. 

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