Foot & Ankle Wedge Family

restor3d's Foot & Ankle Wedge System is designed for optimal internal bone fixation and used for fractures or osteotomies in the ankle and foot. TIDAL Technology's porous architecture is designed for optimum osseointegration and encourages better fusion. The science shows that maximized surface area ensures 100% interconnectivity.

Manufactured using laser powder bed fusion of medical grade titanium alloy
Developed in various footprint sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different patient anatomies
Central aperture for the packing of graft material
Hierarchical surface topography provides expulsion resistance
Featuring TIDAL Technology™, restor3d's proprietary porous technology that encourages better fusion
Threaded hole for use with restor3d single-use inserter
foot and ankle wedge instrumentation

Disposable Instrumentation

Instrumented with single-use, sterile-packed trials and inserters that ensure appropriate size selection and implant placement.

Rigid fixation with threaded attachment to implant
Ergonomic, low-profile handle to maximize visibility of fusion site

Foot & Ankle Wedge Family

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The Benefits of TIDAL Technology™

We're proud to create optimized porous architecture designed for osseointegration with TIDAL Technology™.

  • 100% Interconnectivity and up to 80% porosity

  • Mesoscale pores support graft retention and bony ingrowth

  • Direct bony apposition to implant surface guided by surface topography and curvature demonstrated in a preclinical model

  • Proprietary porous technology encourages better fusion

  • Expulsion resistance with hierarchical surface topography

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