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3D Printing Technologies for Personalized Implants and Instrumentation

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Treating the Patient, not the Anatomy.

restor3d strives to provide solutions for each patient that support better outcomes, while offering the surgeon more efficient and effective processes. Off-the-shelf implants have been the standard in orthopaedics for decades, but they don’t match every patient’s anatomy. That’s why restor3d focuses on manufacturing personalized implants that are specific to each patient using the latest 3D printing, biomaterials, and biomechanics technologies. Our goal is to expand the delivery of 3D printed personalized surgical solutions across multiple musculoskeletal specialties.

restor3d's personalized solutions are designed to encourage better fusion, improve patient outcomes, and provide better healthcare.

3d Printing Technologies

From concept to delivery of personalized solutions, restor3d is committed to working with you to provide the best possible experience and outcomes for your patients. Combining patient data with the latest 3D printing technologies, our Design Engineers will collaborate with you to design solutions that fits your needs.

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Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

  • Tailor Device Geometry to individual patient's anatomy

  • Incorporate complex porous structures that accommodate tissue ingrowth

  • Tune device properties to match those of the native tissue

3D printed anatomical models can be used to hone in the anticipated surgical approach prior to the case. Surgeons can explain different techniques to students or patients and think through new approaches and tools for complicated surgeries.

Additive Manufacturing

Selective Laser Melting (for Titanium Alloy or Cobalt Chrome Alloy)

restor3d prints devices via selective laser melting using Titanium Alloy or Cobalt Chrome Alloy. Selective laser melting is a technique that utilizes high-powered density lasers to melt and fuse metallic powders. The result is near-net-shape parts that have near full density.

Stereolithography (SLA)

SLA uses a UV laser to solidify a liquid photopolymer resin layer by layer. As each layer is cured, the build platform moves down, and the process is repeated until the 3D print is complete. This process enables restor3d to create durable, dimensionally stable, and incredibly accurate trials and instrumentation for our implants.


restor3d Implants are fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) using titanium (Ti64) or cobalt chrome alloy (CoCr). This process includes preparing the print files, loading, printing from build plates, unloading the printers, in-processing monitoring, and lot acceptance.

3d printed implants
3d printed instrumentation

Single-Use Instrumentation

Sterile, single-use instrumentation is ready-on-demand and can be discarded after surgery, optimizing surgical workflow and improving efficiency in the OR.

Sizing trials are provided in all sizes to match the implant offering and made from radiodense material that provides clear visibility under fluoroscopy.

Implant inserters are manufactured with low-profile handles to maximize visibility of the surgical site with a threaded attachment that is easy to attach and remove from the implant during surgery.

See Our 3D Printing Technology in Action

Using in-house 3D printing capabilities and proprietary manufacturing processes, restor3D implants are additively manufactured via laser powder bed fusion of titanium or cobalt chrome alloys. Single-Use instrumentation and kits are designed to provide efficiency to physicians during surgery.

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Our Products Using Our Proprietary 3d Printing Process

Backed by science, and driven by outcomes, restor3d's product portfolios were designed to provide solutions personalized to each patient.

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