Our 3D Printing Technologies are Backed by Science and Driven by Outcomes


What Sets Us Apart

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

We have a deep understanding of the latest additive manufacturing methods. We also stay up to date on device-specific mechanical and biological performance. Our knowledge is based on the scientific research we sponsor at Duke University.

In-House Design and Manufacturing

At restor3d, we utilize a vertically integrated workflow. All of our design work is completed in-house with the assistance of design automation, as well as most of our manufacturing.

Digital Health

The r3id Personalized Surgery Platform enables the ultimate patient-specific planning experience. Our digital platform provides surgeons the ability to create and track cases, as well as collaborate with restor3d’s Design Engineering Team to maximize patient-specific surgical outcomes. Enroll in r3id today.  

Industry-Leading Speed

We're proud to manufacture safe and effective medical devices at industry-leading speed. We know speed and quality are critical to patient care and successful outcomes. That's why we strive to deliver our products as efficiently as possible.

About Us

At restor3d, we leverage our expertise in 3D printing to produce high-quality medical devices. These devices have an enhanced anatomical fit and superior integrative properties.

Our unique expertise in multiple additive manufacturing technologies and materials helps enhance and personalize patient care by allowing surgeons to repair, reconstruct, and restore using solutions designed for their specific anatomy.

Our materials, implants, and products are based on extensive research, including TIDAL Technology™, our proprietary porous architecture designed to maximize graft packing and encourage bone growth through the implant.

restor3d team member

Partner with restor3d for Cutting Edge, Orthopaedic Solutions

Our team at restor3d strives to provide solutions that address the surgical needs of physicians. We utilize additive manufacturing technology to create personalized devices designed to improve patient outcomes. Provide better healthcare for your patients with our orthopaedic solutions.

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