Revolutionary Cannulated Bone Screw with Faceted Technology

This Faceted Bone Screw Technology Is Revolutionizing Orthopedic Fixation. Featuring Diamond Orthopedic technology, these faceted screws are the next generation of bone screws in orthopedics. These screws feature facets or 'valleys' on the threads increasing thread volume. This results in better bone engagement and reduced compressive stress.

The thread valleys provide 50% less insertional torque during insertion and hold up to 20% more bone volume. Following insertion, bone relaxes into the facets enabling greater contact compared to regular helical screws.

Compressive stress generated by traditional threads can cause microfractures, damage bone, and can create a narrow, high-stress core susceptible to pullout failure.
The faceted bone screw technology generates lower compressive stress bringing a new and unique way to address, microfractures, damage bone, and pullout failure.
The faceted screw demonstrated statistically significant 61% greater pullout strength within 2 weeks of surgery
Faceted bone screws feature an enhanced design where facets are added to screw threads, increasing thread volume, fostering better engagement with neighboring bone, and lowering compressive stress.


The ‘peaks’ serve as the initial area of bone/screw contact during insertion, which reduces friction and results in ~50% less torque required for insertion.


Immediately following insertion, bone relaxes into facet ‘valleys,’ enabling greater bone/screw contact than the typical helical screw

Bone Engagement

Facets bring a “volumetric advantage,” with thread valleys holding up to 20% more bone volume, enabling greater pullout strength and toggle performance.

Insertion: Less Stress on the Bone

The faceted thread's unique design reduces friction during insertion. Facet 'valleys' serve as a bone stress relief mechanism, resulting in ~50% lower insertional torque and less potential for microfractures and necrosis.

Post-Insertion: Bone Engagement

After insertion, the facet "valleys" also promote restoration of bone against the screw flanks, creating a firm grip that increases fixation and retention strength, and reduces post- insertion compressive stress. Faceted screws distribute the load over a greater volume of bone and significantly increase the peak pullout load.

The New Fixation Standard

Rigorous testing conducted at Orthokinetic Testing Technologies demonstrated that faceted screws deliver improved fixation integrity. There is significantly less risk of screw loosening due to cyclic loading compared to the standard helical screw. The faceted screw also provides 61% greater pullout strength within 2 weeks of surgery providing the best fixation for patients.

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The Benefits of TIDAL Technology™

We're proud to create optimized porous architecture designed for osseointegration with TIDAL Technology™.

  • 100% Interconnectivity and up to 80% porosity

  • Mesoscale pores support graft retention and bony ingrowth

  • Direct bony apposition to implant surface guided by surface topography and curvature demonstrated in a preclinical model

  • Proprietary porous technology encourages better fusion

  • Expulsion resistance with hierarchical surface topography

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