Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System

The Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System has an innovative biomimetic design that restores the natural range of motion and is the first-ever 3D-printed accurate ankle replacement to be backed by science. The Kinos Axiom’s semi-congruent design is better able to distribute loads across the ankle and helps patients by reducing pain, restoring alignment, and extending movement in the joint. This system is for patients with ankle joints damaged by severe rheumatoid, post-traumatic, degenerative arthritis, or failed ankle surgery.

Decreased stress on the bearing surfaces
Less likelihood of point/edge loading
Enhanced coronal plane stability
The tibial implant employs vertically inserted fixation features that increase the implant-to-bone contact area without increasing the overall construct footprint.
The vertical buttresses are oriented to maximally resist clinical loading
Additionally, bone ingrowth holes are provided with an optimal size to promote stability.

The robust bone fixation features of the Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System improve stability in the following ways:

Fixation perpendicular to the predominant loading vector
Asymmetry to resist torsional loading
Increased surface area for maximum bony integration

The Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle’s semi-congruent design

  • Distributes the loads experienced across the ankle joint

  • Greatly reduces the likelihood of point stress concentrations during a range of simulated use conditions

Load distribution heat chart

Algorithm-based operative planning

  • Provides deep diagnostic insights

  • Generates ideal alignment and implant positioning

  • Immediate turn-around

Range of Motion

Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System vs the leading competitor

Internal/External Rotation
Load distribution heat chart

Articulating Construct Stabilility Testing

Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System vs the leading competitor

Kinos Axiom®
Leading Competitor
Medial/Lateral Stability (N)
Kinos Axiom®
Leading Competitor
Internal/External Stability (N-mm)

Load to Failure

Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System vs the leading competitor

A-P Displacement (N)

Kinos Axiom® Total Ankle System

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The Benefits of TIDAL Technology™

We're proud to create optimized porous architecture designed for osseointegration with TIDAL Technology™.

  • 100% Interconnectivity and up to 80% porosity

  • Mesoscale pores support graft retention and bony ingrowth

  • Direct bony apposition to implant surface guided by surface topography and curvature demonstrated in a preclinical model

  • Proprietary porous technology encourages better fusion

  • Expulsion resistance with hierarchical surface topography

gradient graphic

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